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Freelance Developer

IoT Evangelist

What I am all about.

I am a Electronics and Electrical Control Engineer and I work as freelance, in the last years I have worker as FullStack Developer Internet of Things and Domotics Integration. I love the tecnology and the efficients buildings services systems, I fight for a high tech and eco world.

When I was five years old, the Wizar Kindongs (a Spanish Santa Claus) gave me my first computer a SONY MSX. I tried to program its in Basic and I imagined to control all my home with my computer, I imagined the actual future of internet of things and in thats early age I wanted be part of this. I worked in the familiar bussines and helped my father in electricals buildings services that time I learned about the requirements of the electrity works and electricians workers. In my adolescence, I reads all books pass through my hands of programming, electronics, physisc… and I began to program in Pascal (yeah, I am a really geek).

I choose to estude electronics because I can program a easy softwares and I am interested to leartn about the core of the computers, the semiconductors and the transsistors. My enginnering degree is a mix between electronics, electrical automatization and building services.

At Finish my University I began to work like freelance as Building Service Enginner to make projects, after I began a bussines with my father as CCTV and Alarm System integrators, the idea is use all our tools to connects electrical wires to offer our costumers a new services, we do not need an investment. At the same time a new client get a contratc to automatizate our firts building with PLCs. This projects changed my live and I began to learned to program JavaScritp, PHP, SQL… to made a Smart Buildings and Cities software, a Drouiz Project.


Entrepreneur, León (Spain)

Freelance ene. 13 – present Company Freelance

  • Electronics Projects: Design of electronics for specific customer applications, both analog and digital. Technologies used: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, analog electronics.
  • Technical Office: Desing and project manager of buildings services generally low voltage, climatization and heating.
  • Web design and programming: Applications for corporate web sites and systems for monitoring and control of data, especially for building automation and smart cities. Technologies used: HTML5, CSS3, PHP5, JavaScript, MySql, WordPress, Joomla, Apache Server.
  • Remotely controlled Engineering buildings services, smart cities, industries and farms controlled and monitored via the web.
  • Energy Efficiency: Energy audits, energy certification of buildings and lighting studies with DianLux.

E-CAT, Landivisiau (Bretagne) (France)

Company dedicated to the manufacture of machinery for chicken farming. June. 12 – dec. 12 Electrical Engineer

  • Maintenance: Consulting with  English, Portuguese and Spanish speaking clients  of the correct  equipment to acquired.
  • Development of connections and electrical drawings using EPLAN-
  • Programming of PLCs in these machines.
  • Electrical Economic Survey.

Selfemployed, Leon (Spain)

family business dec. 09 – May. 12 Electrical Engineer

  • Projects desing
  • Low-voltage electrical installations
  • Alarm systems, CCTV and security
  • Industrial automation
  • Energy efficiency.

TYPSA, Barcelona (Spain)

Engineering and projects. dec. 07 – sea. 09 Electrical Engineering and Facilities. Project Emergency Electricity and electrical interconnections Prat International Airport.

  • Projects desing
  • Low-voltage electrical installations
  • Alarm systems, CCTV and security
  • Industrial automation
  • Energy efficiency.
Article about CENAT (Spanish) Selfemployed, Leon (Spain) https://www.instalacionesvalencia.es 99-1 dec. 07 Electrician
  • General low voltage installations.
  • Industrial facilities and automation.
  • Managing up to 30 people.
  • Dealing with clients.

Interactively incubate

Interactively myocardinate high standards in initiatives rather than next-generation.

Globally streamline

Dynamically initiate client-based convergence vis-a-vis performance based.


Tech Skills

Web Desin
Systems and Microservices
CMS, Webmasters and SEO
App Developer
Electronics, other Languages and tech skills

Comunication Skills

Good deal with suppliers and clients gained as a small businessman.

Ability to work in groups and small teams for specific tasks.

Excellent communication and dealing with people, extroverted personality .

Facility as a speaker for groups of any size.


Mother Tonge: Spanish.

Listening Reading Spoken interaction Spoken production
English B2 C1 C1 C1 C1
Stay in the Concord College with classes in native English. (England)
Portugese C2 C1 C1 C1 B2
Portuguese Course for Spanish Speakers, UPF. (Brazil)
French A1 A1 A1 A1 A1
French for foreign workers in E-CAT (France) Level Beginners
Japanese A1 A1 A1 A1 A1
2 Years of study of Japanese of language school in the University of León

Work Experience

2015 - Present

Head of market research

Computer & Motor Ltd.

United Kingdom, London

2012 - 2015

Media Analyst


United Kingdom, London

2010 - 2012

Budget Administrator

Somsom LLC

United Kingdom, London


dec. 08

Engineering Degree

Industrial Engineering, specializing in electricity and electronics. Level 6 MECU

University of León (Spain)

Ability to work as an electronic, mechatronic, electrical and facillity engineer.

June. 07- jun. 08

Academic Exchange

University of Passo Fundo (Brazil)

Foreign Exchange of annual duration.

jan. 05 – April. 05

Entrepreneurship and Selfemployment.

Businessman Association of Leon, León (Spain)

Accounting, payroll, marketing and tax law. (300 hours)

jul. 04 – oct. 04

Programmable automation control system.

University of León (Spain)

Programming and commissioning of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC).

sep. 99


Don Bosco Institute., León (Spain)

Secondary education.


Martial Arts

Since a young age I started karate and other sports, which then have lead to became my greatest passions, the martial arts. I have done almost all kinds of sports including ball team sports such as volleyball, indoor soccer and rugby, and adventure sports such as mountain climbing or snow board. Actually I practice Satria, a Indonesian Martial arts and Yoga Style.


The Maker word is a social and Thech revolution, there are a lot of people arround the world working at really interesting projects. It is a really amawing movement of electronics, mecanics, artistic and cultural.


I love a low cost travel, visit other place, eat other foods and try to speak other languajes and other peoples.


Las Acederas, Ribaseca
León - Spain
Mobile Number
+34 615 51 86 38